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Graceful Massage
$99 - 60 min / $110 - 90 min

Indulge in one of Graceful Services' award winning Graceful massages at the best prices in the city!

Hot Stone Massage
$80 - 60 min

Once a costly treatment available only in luxury spas, the deep-relaxation therapy of hot stone massage can now be enjoyed at Graceful Spa. The penetrating warmth of polished natural volcanic basalt stones placed on key acupressure points slowly releases heat to ease accumulated tension on your body, calming your mind and spirit, while cleansing toxins from your body.

Pure Touch Organic Massage
$80 - 60 min / $110 - 90 min

Environmentally friendly organic jojoba oil and organic shea butter - rich in vitamins A, E, & F - combined with organic chamomile botanicals, provides skin nourishment along with soothing and healing properties. Organic sunflower and sesame oils give added skincare benefits and deep hydration.

Four Hand Massage
$120 - 60 min (regular price $160)

Two massage therapists manipulate the muscles of the body simultaneously; concentrating on the client's areas of intense pain (like the shoulders and lower back) while the other massages the rest of the body (arms, legs, feet etc.). This way, the entire body gets the attention it deserves, plus special concentration where it's needed as quickly as possible.

Pre-Natal Massage
$80 - 60 min / $110 - 90 min

One of our most popular treatments is our pre-natal massage. With the client lying on her side we use a unique technique to apply long strokes to the meridians most affected during pregnancy. Relieves stress and tension from the back and legs, and increases blood flow, leaving mommy and baby very happy. While receiving this massage, we encourage the mother to place her hands on her belly to let the baby know he/she is getting a massage.

Aromatherapy Massage
$80 - 60 min

The refreshing, natural scent of oils can have a powerful physiological and psychological impact. Certain aromas can evoke memories or mentally whisk you away to a serene place. When combined with massage, aromatherapy helps cleanse the body of toxins, assists in strengthening the immune system, improves circulation, helps restore the skin's natural balance, aids in cleansing the respiratory system, stimulates the mind and uplifts the spirit.

Foot Massage
$60 - 60 min (regular price $80)

We offer reflexology and a massage that will concentrate on relieving pain from your calves, ankles, shins and feet.

Body Scrub (sea salts or vanilla orange brown sugar)
$60 - 50 min

This exfoliating treatment gently removes the grime and dry, dead cells on your body, revealing the inner radiance of your natural skin. With your choice of scrubbing materials (Sea Salt; Sugar), you can see the beads working up, collecting and removing your dead skin to provide the benefits of a gentle facial peel. Your lymphatic system will also be stimulated, helping your body detoxify more efficiently. Ending with a highly water concentrated moisturizer; the entire experience will leave your body feeling silky smooth and tender.

Parafango Wrap
$60 - 50 min

Our Parafango Anti-Cellulite Treatment is an intensive moisturizing treatment that nourishes skin and cuticles, detoxifies your body, while penetrating heat increases circulation, eases aching joints, relaxes stiff muscles, and leaves skin radiant and healthy looking.

$80 - 60 min

(For all skin types) Our facial aims to rejuvenate your skin and at the same time relax your body, mind, and soul. Deep cleansing processes to polish dead skin cells leaves your skin silky smooth with a healthier tone. It includes a steam treatment, extraction of black heads, exfoliation and massage, and ends with the application of a mask that helps keep moisture on your skin.

Back Facial
$80 - 60 min

Same as a regular facial but done on the back, it is to help you have a sexy back and smooth skin. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of black heads, massage and ends with an application of a mask that helps keep moisture on your skin.

Hours: 10 am - 10 pm, daily
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